"I skipped dinner. "
―Willie Haines.[src]
Willie Haines
Name: Willie Haines
Gender: Male
Death: October 31 2001
Portrayed By: Dan Joffre
First Appearance: Halloween: Resurrection

Willie Haines appears in Halloween: Resurrection, played by Dan Joffre.

Biography Edit

Willie Haines was a security guard at Grace Andersen Sanitarium. On October 31, 2001, Willie was walking around the Sanitarium, making sure nothing was going on outside. When he discovered that the gate was open, he started to investigate and found Harold Trumble, a mental patient. He escorted Harold back inside his room. He was later called by Franklin Munroe, a co-worker, who told him that Harold (it was actually Michael Myers) was now in the basement so they went to go take him back to his room. On the way, Willie stopped by a vending machine as he had missed his dinner so he grabbed a snack while Franklin went on ahead. Seconds later, Willie heard Franklin scream and went to find out what happened. He heard a loud noise bumping around in the washing machine and turned it off. He saw the clothes covered in blood and the loud object was Franklin's head. Willie fell back from shock and discovered Franklin's headless body. Michael appeared behind him and slit his throat with a butcher knife.[1]

He was buried at a cemetery.

He is Michael Myers' 73rd (confirmed) murder.


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