Visiting Hours
Visting Hours
Publisher Devil's Due Publishing
Writers Stefan Hutchinson
Pencilers Brett Weldele
Inkers Brett Weldele
Colorists Brett Weldele
Letterers by Ed Dukeshire
Editors Stephen Christy
Publication Order
Preceded by
Followed by
Repetition Compulsion
"One day, you'll come to visit me. One day, I'll be free."
Laurie Strode

Visiting Hours is a short comic featured in Halloween: 30 Years of Terror. It takes place in the H20 Timeline.


Laurie Strode imagines what a different life she would have led if Michael had never found her. She thinks back to October 31, 1978 where she is walking to school and realizes that she forgot to drop off the keys at the Myers house. Once she arrives at school, she is greeted by her friend Annie Brackett who tells her that she is running late and that she just missed Bennett Tramer. She then flashes to ten years later where she is happily married with a son. They are craving a jack-o'-lantern when Annie comes over and asks Laurie if she can babysit her children for the night. Laurie flashes another ten years where she is now a middle-aged successful headmistress. Once again she feels something is wrong and then sees Annie at the chalkboard. Annie is covered in blood and has written SAMHAIN. Annie tells Laurie that if she was any smarter, she would have stopped Annie from dying. At this moment, Laurie witness Annie getting stabbed in the chest and fades away as Michael appears behind her and grabs Laurie by the neck. He lifts her up and stabs her in the throat. Laurie thinks how the shock of 1978 brought back that repressed memory she had of visitng him at Smith's Grove Sanitarium. She then realizes that she cannot even dream of a perfect life without Michael destroying it. She watches out the window at the Grace Andersen Sanitarium and waits for Michael to visit her now so she can be free.

Arc Significance and ContinuityEdit

This story takes place in 2001, some time before Michael Myers kills Laurie on Halloween of that year.

Laurie is contemplating how, had she never dropped the key off at the Myers house, Michael would never have found her. However, continuing the theme of fate in the comics, Laurie is discovered and killed even in her fantasy.

Laurie's fantasy includes her real son, John Tate and Hillcrest Academy.

Laurie's ragdoll makes another appearance in the series.

Laurie's seeming death wish in this story gives her actions in Halloween: Resurrection more credibility.


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