• Halloween: This one is of course great! It started it all! Its suspense filled and original.
  • Halloween II: Probably my favorite of the series. No, one of my favorites. Its probably the most suspenseful entry to the series. Every time Michael enters a room and then a character does I get so nervous.
  • Halloween III: I own this film but haven't got around to watching it, yet.
  • Halloween 4: I personally loved this one and part five. They were suspenseful and pretty cool. I loved the characters in them.
  • Halloween 5: The chase scenes are very innerving and there are plenty. I really liked this one and it was one of the first ones I saw so it holds a special place in my heart.
  • Halloween 6: Probably my least favorite of the original series. It strayed away too much. The villains here aren't just Michael. There's a whole slew of them. And after being used to seeing Jaime and Rachel and Laurie, these new characters are uninteresting.
  • Halloween H20: One of favorites and one of the first I remember seeing. It has one of the best plots of the series, and I love the setting and score. Plus, it doesn't waste time, its a quick watch.
  • Halloween: Resurrection: Second least favorite. I liked the film and still do but I know its horrible. Still its entertaining enough to watch. I love "bad" movies like this one so if you do too then watch it.
  • Halloween: One of my favorite entries and the first I saw in theaters. The film is an interesting take on the story and very entertaining. The movie up until we are introduced to Laurie is very disturbing. The whole Michael killing animals and kids at school thing. But its a great entry.
  • Halloween II: This one is just awful. Yet again, YES I do like the film but really its one of the worst. I enjoy it more than Curse but still. For starters, Michael runs around with a hoodie on and half a mask (which he isn't even wearing most of the time), secondly there are sooo many pointless scenes. One scene involves Laurie stopping to pet a baby pig while we watch from afar. Then she just leaves. And Michael stops and kills people for no reason. One scene hes walking in a field and kills the field owners. Another has him invading a strip club and killing a stripper and two others for no reason. Although, its one of my favorite scenes, its pointless. Thirdly? there's a scene involving a pumpkinheaded man. Yes, I said pumpkin headed man. You heard me right. This is during a scene involving a hallucination of Michael's mom and younger self. So yeah, I do like the film but I admit its pretty bad.

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