• RedCoatOfficial
    • Halloween: This one is of course great! It started it all! Its suspense filled and original.
    • Halloween II: Probably my favorite of the series. No, one of my favorites. Its probably the most suspenseful entry to the series. Every time Michael enters a room and then a character does I get so nervous.
    • Halloween III: I own this film but haven't got around to watching it, yet.
    • Halloween 4: I personally loved this one and part five. They were suspenseful and pretty cool. I loved the characters in them.
    • Halloween 5: The chase scenes are very innerving and there are plenty. I really liked this one and it was one of the first ones I saw so it holds a special place in my heart.
    • Halloween 6: Probably my least favorite of the original series. It strayed away t…
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