Michael Myers was made by a Terminator Computer in Terminator stories.The information that the US military found the remains of lucifer in the Middle East and then brought it to NORAD to do an experiment "Where Man Meets Machine for its Last and Final Encounter".Michael is a terminator Skynet made and does the purposes Terminator wants to do gore and serial killing and has the jump of fear in him.He terminates and can be zapped by a Japanese technology beam to disarm his CPU.We learn alot about Michael from Arnold.He does tell about machines and experiments and more info on Michael.But how does Michael preform in Terminator movies and t.v. series like Sarah Connor Chronicles.He is a machine but has some Resident Evil in him or Red Queen.He is an endo and Cyborg.Terminator Computer wanted something from "My Bloody Valentine 3D and Harry Warden".Michael terminates.But the resistence is growing to GI Joe.Scott Bernard is the leader of John.Stick.Michael uses robot tactics.And he can be confronted to make a movie with a proper opponent.But then the reverse can be done for everyone from Halloween to go to Terminator.Skynet or Terminator Computers would send out a terminator like this.How do they have attack with the rest of the terminators and when does he communicate to Skynet?Skynet or Terminator Computers need to get a code to him and to show his programming.A terminator is a terminator and Michael will have to combat with some type of opponent,Vietnamese and Grenada won vs USA and Terminator Computers.Its not just the resistence and they are controlled in space to Tirol.


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