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aka Feroz Y Khan

  • I live in Durham Region
  • My occupation is outpatient
  • I am transwomen
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    historic Halloween

    October 27, 2011 by Queen Armada

    Halloween was started in Edgar Allan Poe's books.He called Michael or boogeyman a description in a castle and then they opened fire on him and he fell down the castle balcony in North America and then body disappeared.Back in every century in North America there were boogeymen like Michael and bigger size boogeymen like Satan.There is Dolf Lungren.Boogeyman with each ability and characteristic.There is Fleury who is an expert in fire,blowtorch and can fly like in "Running Man".There is Lungren who is in firearms.There is a sharp features mask of France tall man.There is a huge guy of 300lbs and tall that is Satan or Son of Sam.He has wings.The dog god,humanoid shape form of a dog.And Lungren has a batmobile type of 50's car that has an abi…

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  • Queen Armada

    Michael Myers was made by a Terminator Computer in Terminator stories.The information that the US military found the remains of lucifer in the Middle East and then brought it to NORAD to do an experiment "Where Man Meets Machine for its Last and Final Encounter".Michael is a terminator Skynet made and does the purposes Terminator wants to do gore and serial killing and has the jump of fear in him.He terminates and can be zapped by a Japanese technology beam to disarm his CPU.We learn alot about Michael from Arnold.He does tell about machines and experiments and more info on Michael.But how does Michael preform in Terminator movies and t.v. series like Sarah Connor Chronicles.He is a machine but has some Resident Evil in him or Red Queen.He…

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