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Adult Tommy Doyle
little michael myers was a blind side boy who killed his older sister judith he find things as his ways to kill he was call the shape.In october he decide to escape smiths groove mental home .he over heard that he have a sister name laurie strode and she live in haddonfield before escape michael killed 7 docters so he can escape and he let fee 7 people . michael is now in haddonfield he found he sister he is now stalking her threw her house and school . now he stalking her freinds because whoever gets in his way will catch the consequses . freinds is disapering and she doesent know where can they be laurie reaseve a a call from the wallace house and no one awser . so laurie went over to the wallace house to see with her own eyes is her sister grave stone and her freind andy in front of it dead. michael starts to attact laurie and laurie dont know who he is so she think he is the boogeyam. laurie escapes ran back to the dolye house and bang on the door to wake tommy dole up . just in time tommy open the door and see laurie crying and out of breath . laurie tells tommy and linsey to run to the makinzes house and call the police and michael got in the house threw th window and began to attack again and to dr.lommis resue he shoots michael six times and he is nowhere to be found no one no who he is now or what does he do . but laurie tommy and linsey still live for now.
Laure Strode

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