Tony O'Malley
Name: Tony O'Malley
Gender: Male
First Appearance: Halloween #1

Tony O'Malley is a character that appears in Halloween #1


Tony O'Malley is a patient at Smith's Grove Sanitarium. He was sent there due to him being a violent psychopath. As soon as Michael Myers was sent to stay in the room with the other male patients. Tony grabbed Michael by the shirt and demeanded to know what Michael's problem was. The security guard, Mr. Wallace, pulled Tony away and told him to wash up as it was almost time for bed. Over the next few days, Tony grew annoyed at Michael for not speaking and vowed to make him speak one night. Tony was about to attack Michael in his sleep but it turned out he was faking it and Michael attacked Tony by shoving a crayon deep in his left eye. There was no evidence that Michael was the one who attacked him so the staff assumed that it was another patient Roger who done the deed. As time passed, Tony became insane and more violent towards himself so he was sent to a padded cell.

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