Thorn rune

The rune of Thorn.

Thorn is referred to an ancient, dark, supernatural phenomenon that bestowed great power upon someone who was inflicted with its curse, dating back to the time of the Druids.

Cult of ThornEdit

The Cult of Thorn was a cult of druids whose activity spans over several millennia. The nature of cult is different, depending on which version seen of Halloween 6.

In the theatrical version, the Smith's Grove Sanitarium crew are more interested in harvesting and exploiting the power of Thorn through DNA, becoming merely cult geneticists relating the rune of Thorn to modern science and using Michael Myers' DNA during their own experiments. This version treats Thorn as an inherent genetic trait rather than an inflicted curse, and the scientists only pass themselves off as the Cult as a means of controlling Michael. The Sanitarium has been using the women of the institution for their experiments, most likely via in vitro fertilization with embryos artificially inheriting Michael's DNA. Jamie's son Steven is the result of these experiements, and Dr. Wynn implies that the sanitarium will use Michael, Danny, and Steven to further understand Thorn on the genetic level. Though unconfirmed, Kara may have been kidnapped so the cult could continue their experiments with Danny's own cursed genes.

In the Producer's Cut of Halloween 6 they are in fact the original druid Cult of Thorn, comprised of many Haddonfield residents. In this version, Steven is intended to be Michael's final sacrifice (since innocent blood is needed for the ceremony), and the curse will then be passed on to Danny, who is to immediately sacrifice his mother Kara. Moreover, a flashback shows that Steven was conceived by the cult having Jamie raped by Michael, rather than through artificial insemination.

Known MembersEdit

Curse of ThornEdit

The Curse of Thorn is often associated with a constellation that could appear during Halloween. In the time of the Druids, to prevent mass death among the tribes, one family was chosen to bear the curse. This curse would require the bearer to sacrificially murder his or her entire family on the night of Samhain (All Hallow's Eve), which in turn would spare their community from disastrous events such as plague and drought. The curse also appears to give the cursed inhuman strength and immunity from death (however, in the H20 timeline, Michael has inhuman strength and immunity from death, and is not cursed by the Cult of Thorn in that timeline).

The curse was greatly explored in the Producer's Cut of Halloween 6, with more importance given to Dr. Wynn and his Cult of Thorn.

Mark of ThornEdit


The Mark

The Mark of Thorn was a symbol that appeared on the wrist of those involved with the cult, or cursed by them. It could be seen on Michael's wrist, and, in the Producer's Cut, it could be seen on Dr. Wynn and later Sam Loomis (the latter against his will).

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