The Old Myers Place
Halloween The Old Myers Place
Author Kelly O'Rourke
Publication date December 1, 1997
Published by Berkley
ISBN 1572973412
Publication Order
Preceded by
The Scream Factory
Followed by
The Mad House

The Old Myers Place is a 1997 novel by Kelly O'Rourke.


Many years ago, in the town of Haddonfield, Illinois, a boy named Michael Myers murdered his sister with a knife. Later, he returned to town on Halloween night to kill again. The only ones who knew how to stop him were his doctor and a teenage girl. Now it is time for Michael Myers to return to Haddonfield once again. And this time, there is no one who can stop him. Mary White just moved to Haddonfield. Being the new girl is tough, but she finally seems to be settling in. She is friends with a popular girl. She is dating a gorgeous guy. Everything is perfect. But Mary's family moved into the old Myers place. In fact, Mary's sleeping in the very bedroom where Michael killed his sister. Now he is coming back to make sure she sleeps like the dead.

Characters Edit

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