Wynn H20
Name: Terence Wynn
Known aliases: Doctor Wynn
Gender: Male
Location: Warren County, Illinois
Portrayed By: Robert Phalen (1978)
First Appearance: Halloween

Terence Wynn is a character who first appeared in the original Halloween, played by Robert Phalen.



Terence Wynn is the administrator of Smith's Grove Sanitarium. In the early morning of October 31 1978, many mental patients had managed to get out of their rooms. The staff tried to contact Wynn for assistance yet he could not be reached. Later that day, He learned that Michael Myers was the only one who had escaped. Samuel Loomis and Wynn argued over this. Wynn says that Michael couldn't have gotten far because he can't drive to which Dr. Loomis says "He was doing very well last night! Maybe, someone around here gave him lessons."