Smith's Grove Remake 2
Name: Smith's Grove Sanitarium
Country: USA
State: Illinois
First Appearance: Halloween (2007 Reboot)

Smith's Grove Sanitarium was a mental health facility and detainment center for the criminally insane. It was located 150 miles north of the town of Haddonfield, in the state of Illinois.

History Edit

Doctor Samuel Loomis conducted daily sessions with young Michael Myers, often recording their conversations together. Michael's mother, Deborah Myers, would come to visit him once every week. A guard named Ismael Cruz was the floor warden for Michael's wing and grew quite close to the child. He always had a kind word for Michael and tried to cheer him up whenever possible. After a visit with his mother, Michael suffered another psychotic break and killed a staff member named Nurse Wynn with a fork. He was subdued and taken back to his room, but the pressure grew to be too much for Mrs. Myers after witnessing this and she took her own life shortly thereafter.

Michael spent the next fifteen years in isolation. Completely withdrawn now, he retreated into the private world of his masks, creating dozens of them which he used to decorate his cell. Loomis continued to counsel him, but Michael was completely unresponsive to treatment by this point. Eventually, the hospital staff decided to hold a competency hearing for Michael, to see whether or not he was fit to stand trial for his previous crimes. During the patient transfer, Michael broke free of his manacles and escaped, killing several hospital guards in the process.

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