Uncle Seymour Coffins
Name: Seymour Coffins
Gender: Male
Location: Haddonfield, Illinois
Portrayed By: Jeffrey Daniel Phillips
First Appearance: Halloween II

Uncle Seymour Coffins appears in Rob Zombie's Halloween II, played by Jeffrey Daniel Phillips.


Uncle Seymour Coffins was a horror host on Haddonfield's Channel 18 and served as a stand-up comedian and one of the entertainers featured at the "Phantom Jam" Halloween party in Haddonfield, Illinois. Most of Seymour's jokes were very blue and not particularly funny, but fortunately for him, the partiers were too inebriated to boo him off the stage. Seymour poked fun at the nude dancing girls on the stage, peppering his humor with lewd comments and "dumb blonde" jokes. As the party wore on, the musical group Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures began to perform their set, but Uncle Seymour failed to see any reason to get off the stage. Again, nobody seemed to mind, and the increasingly drunken comedian continued on his way.