Halloween2 93

Michael uses the scalpel to kill the Marshal

The Scalpel is Michael Myers' primary weapon in 1981's Halloween II.

In the film, he uses an hypodermic needle in addition to the scalpel, to kill Dr. Mixter and Janet Marshall.


Michael gets the scalpel at the Haddonfield Memorial Hospital and goes into Laurie Strode's room, violently stabbing her bed, only to realize that she is not in it.

Later, Michael uses the scalpel to kill Nurse Franco by stabbing her in the back. He then slits Marshal Terrence Gummell's throat with it, and later stabs Samuel Loomis in the stomach with it after a brief chase, although the latter survives. Michael is last seen swiping the blade through the air after Laurie shoots him in the eyes with one of Loomis's guns.

Dick Warlock kept the scalpel and later sold it.


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