Ronald Jones
Name: Ronald Jones
Known aliases: Ronnie
Gender: Male
Location: Summer Glen, California
Known Relatives: Shirley Jones (wife)
Portrayed By: LL Cool J
First Appearance: Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later

Ronald "Ronnie" Jones was a character in Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later played by LL Cool J.


Ronald Jones was a security guard at Hillcrest Academy and an aspiring romantic novelist. He was married to Shirley Jones whom he had good relationship with but she didn't support his dream as she felt it wasn't going anywhere. Ronnie was on good terms with the students at Hillcrest but had some trouble with John Tate, the son of headmistress Keri Tate as he was one of the few students who always tried to get Ronnie to get them out of the school. He had let John out before and when he was caught, Keri had told him if it happened again then he would be fired.

On October 31, 1998, John and his friend Charles Deveraux had wanted to sneak off again and Ronnie agreed on the terms that John and Charlie would be back before afternoon classes started. They were still caught by Keri and once they returned, Ronnie tried to come up with an excuse but it appeared Miss Tate didn't believe him.

Later on that night, Ronnie noticed a car was parked outside the gate and decided to investigate. As he searches the car, finding no one there, Michael Myers slips past him and walks onto the school grounds as Ronnie turns off the car engine. Ronnie knowing something was wrong, tries to tell his wife that something strange is going on but is interrupted by the car lights switching off and decides to lock the back door of the security booth, as he tries to explain to his wife what is going on, Michael bangs on a window of the booth and cuts the phone lines. Leading him to leave the booth and find out what is going on.

He went to Miss Tate's home and was almost shot when he arrived. She tells him that the phones are out, he confirms this and also tells her that there is a strange car parked at the gate but he couldn't find any signs of tresspassing, Keri tells Ronny to try and get the phones back up, while she looks for the kids that didn't go on the trip to Yosimite and they will rendezvous at the security gate. He later went to go look for them but was shot by Will Brennan who thought Ronnie was Michael as their shadows were similer. This only knocked him out for a few minutes and he soon woke up and found Keri about to kill Michael. He grabbed her and told her that he was dead and lead her out of the school.

Once the ambulance and police arrived, he called his wife and told her what happened and how it inspired him to write a romantic thriller. His wife was just happy that he was alive and told him that she loved him. He then witnessed Keri Tate, grabbing an axe, stealing a cop's gun and taking the ambulance that held Michael.[1]


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