"If thy right eye offend thee. Pluck it out. If thy right --"
―Roger about Tony O'Malley's attack[src]

Name: Roger
Gender: Male
Death: 1971
First Appearance: Halloween #1

Roger is a character that appears in Halloween #1


Roger's Corpse

Roger's Corpse

Roger was a patient at Smith's Grove Sanitarium. He was known as been an expert on the bible and for his self-mutilation. One night, another patient named Tony O'Malley tried to attack the newest patient Michael Myers. Michael had kept a crayon on him and used it to stab Tony in the left eye. Roger witnessed this entire event and the blame was placed on him as he was the only one with any knowledge of the attack whereas Michael didn't say anything.

As time went on, Michael attacked the other patients that shared the same room. Roger was found choked to death by his tongue. His death was ruled as a suicide.[1]

Appearances Edit


  1. Halloween #1

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