This article is about Rob Zombie's remake masks.

Michael's mask in the remake


Michael Myers obtains his mask from Judith's boyfriend, Steve, after he brings it to their house. Michael dons the mask just before he murders Judith. Before his mother comes home, Michael hides both the mask and a knife under the floorboards in the basement. This is different from the original film, where he murdered Judith in a clown costume and only stole the mask from a hardware store at a later time.

Fifteen years later, he escapes from Smith's Grove Sanitarium and travels to his old house, getting back the mask and the knife. He finds that, while the mask is wearable, the years of dust have dried out the latex and have made it dry and cracked.

In Halloween II, the mask is the same one as before, but has larger cracks and stains from tears and blood. Michael's beard is now visible through the latex. A portion of it is missing, and much of what is left is later ripped off by Misty Dawn.

Reception Edit

Overall reaction to the mask in the remake has been very positive, with many considering it the closest to the original when compared the masks that appeared in the sequels. However, the one in Rob Zombie's Halloween II did not receive the same reaction, with many commenting on the mask showing too much of Michael's face.


  • The "Ghostface Zombie" mask would later be produced to coincide with the release of Scream 4. It is made to have a decayed, cracked appearance and is a tribute to this mask.


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