Rebecca Warner
Name: Rebecca Warner
Gender: Female
First Appearance: Halloween: 30 Years of Terror

Rebecca Warner is a character who appears in the comic Halloween: 30 Years of Terror.


Rebecca Warner was a comicbook character in the first issue of the Tarantula Man comicbook series.

In the story, Rebecca is walking home from school with her friend Haley. Rebecca tells Haley that she would never be able to think about boys thanks to all the homework that her teacher, Mr. Christy, has given her. As soon as Rebecca arrives home, she tells Haley that she would see her in an hour and if they get their work done quick enough, they will be able to call some people. As soon as she arrives home, she runs into a spider web. She freaks out when she notices a spider on her cheek and it falls off. She then notices that her underwear is all over the stairs and sees that there are more spiders crawling all over them. Rebecca heads up stairs to figure out what is happening and sees the Tarantula Man going through her drawers and sniffing her underwear. Rebecca tries to flee out the front door but it is too late as she is already trapped. She screams for help as the Tarantula Man kills her and sucks out her blood.

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