Name: Pamela Jayne Hardon
Known aliases: P. J. Soles
Gender: Female
Place of birth: Frankfurt, Germany
Birth: July 17, 1950
Death: N/A
First Appearance: Halloween

P. J. Soles (born July 17, 1950) is an American film and television actress. In the Halloween series she is best known as Lynda Van Der Klok in John Carpenter's Halloween


She played one of the supporting roles in Halloween (1978), as Lynda Van Der Klok,the final victim of the Michael Myers character in the classic horror film. John Carpenter wanted her for his film Halloween after seeing her performance in 1976's Carrie. He wrote the part of Lynda especially for her because of the way she said the word "totally".

P.J. Soles went to a screening of the movie after it was released, sitting in the 4th row of a regular audience. She was very amused when during her nude scene and line of "see anything you like?" a male audience member in front yelled out "hell yes I do!" unaware she was right behind him. Her boyfriend at the time, Dennis Quaid, asked her if she wanted him to confront the man, but she declined, too amused from the experience. Quaid was originally supposed to play Lynda's boyfriend, Bob, but scheduling conflicts prevented this.