This page list differences between the 1978 original Halloween along with the 1981 original Halloween II and the 2007 remake Halloween along with the 2009 remake Halloween II.



  • Michael is 6 in the original when he first commits murder, and is 10 in the remake.
  • The remake reveals much more inofrmation about Michael's past and childhood.
  • Judith is not the first person to be killed by Michael but instead the fourth.
  • The years differ.
  • While Edith dies in a car accident, Deborah instead kills herself by shooting herself in the head.
  • Annie dies in the original yet in the remake, she survives.
  • Lynda is the third of Laurie's friends to die and she dies in the Wallace house in the original. In the remake timeline, Lynda is the second to die and does so in the Myers house.
  • Morgan and Pamela do not suffer at Michael's hands, unlike their remake counterparts, Mason and Cynthia.
  • Paul Freedman is only heard on the telephone in the original, but he makes an appearance in the remake.
  • Nurse Marion Chambers is not featured in the remake.

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