Octavia Daniels
Name: Octavia Daniels
Known aliases: Nurse Daniels
Gender: Female
Location: Haddonfield, Illinois
Death: October 31 2007 [1]
Portrayed By: Octavia Spencer
First Appearance: Halloween II

Nurse Octavia Daniels appears in Halloween II played by Octavia Spencer.

Biography Edit

Octavia Daniels appeared as part of a dream that Laurie Strode had two years after her initial encounter with her psychotic older brother Michael Myers. In the dream, Nurse Daniels worked at Haddonfield General Hospital and was the night time floor nurse. She had a great friendship with Doctor Maple and the two joked around each other. When Laurie Strode "awoke". she attempted to visit the room of her friend Annie Brackett, who had likewise been brutalized by Myers, but Nurse Daniels forced her to leave. She escorted Laurie half way back to her room when her attention was called to another matter.

Moments later, Nurse Daniels came upon Myers himself who slashed her across the face with his knife. Daniels was in shock and tried to get away, but Myers pursued her, pushing her to the floor and violently stabbed her to death.

Notes & Trivia Edit

As Nurse Octavia Daniels was only seen during a dream sequence, it is unclear whether the character even exists within the internal continuity of the series.

References Edit

  1. Date inconclusive as it is never determined whether Nurse Daniels actually existed.

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