Nurse Wynn
Name: Nurse Wynn
Gender: Female
Death: 1992
Portrayed By: Sybil Danning
First Appearance: Halloween

Nurse Wynn is a character in Halloween, played by Sybil Danning.

She's a nurse that works at Smith's Grove Sanitarium and was Michael Myers' 5th human victim.


Nurse Wynn Murder

Nurse Wynn's death

Nurse Wynn worked at Smith's Grove Sanitarium. She was asked to look after ten-year-old Michael Myers for a few minutes while his doctor, Sam Loomis, escorted Michael's mother Deborah downstairs.

Nurse Wynn sat herself down and looked at the picture of Michael and his baby sister Angel Myers and commented that the baby was cute and teasingly stated that Michael could not possibly be related to her.

Then, Michael stabbed Nurse Wynn to death with a fork in retaliation. He killed her by stabbing her in the neck with the fork. The horrific murder of the arrogant nurse was the final straw of Michael's family; exposing him as a true psychopath monster.

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