"Ooh, let me get my autograph book. "
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Gender: Female
Portrayed By: Ananda Thorson
First Appearance: Halloween: Resurrection

The Coroner is a character in Halloween: Resurrection, played by Ananda Thorson.

Biography Edit

After Michael Myers was incinerated during his battle with Sara Moyer and Freddie Harris, he was brought to the local morgue to undergo routine procedures performed by the coroner. The coroner complained about getting another body to work on, after which she made an ill-informed sarcastic remark to the orderly regarding Michael's "celebrity" status as a notorious mass murderer. The orderly chided her for this remark on his way out the door. The coroner then started working on Myers, whose eyes suddenly popped open, revealing that he was actually still alive and, quite possibly, ready to add the coroner to his lengthy list of victims.[1]

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The coroner gets nervous after learning that her nightly charge is famed serial killer Michael Myers.


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