"He has come, damnation is among us."
―Mr. Sayer to Doctor Samuel Lommis[src]
Name: Mr. Sayer
Known aliases: The Reverend
Gender: Male
Location: Warren County, Illinois
Birth: 1910's
First Appearance: Halloween: White Ghost

Mr. Sayer is a character in Halloween: White Ghost.


Mr. Sayer was was a rambling old man who would quote scraps of scripture and spoute doomsday prophecies. He was admitted to Smith's Grove Saniarium after pleading guilty to a number of murders. Sayer believed he was striking those people down in accordance with God’s will. Everyone who met the man regarded him a disturbed religious zealot.

On the night of October 30th 1978, Mr. Sayer was banging his head against the wall of his cell, which left blood. Later that night, Mr. Sayer and the other Smith Grove patients were released from their rooms by another patient, Michael Myers. Sometime after he left, Mr. Sayer walked out of his room and ran into a nurse named Ethel Strickland. He told her the beast was loose and that he had to save their souls from damnation. Ethel tried to escorted Mr. Sayer back to his room but he tried to free himself while telling her that it's going to be too late if he doesn't stop the beast. At this moment, doctor Doctor Samuel Loomis and nurse Marion Chambers entered the building. Sayer listened in as the three discussed what to do and then told them that "He has come, damnation is among us." Loomis responded with a frown.


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