Name: Mr. Myers
Gender: Male
Location: Haddonfield, Illinois
Known Relatives: Audrey Myers(wife)
Judith Myers (daughter)
Michael Myers (son)
Laurie Strode (daughter)
Jamie Lloyd (granddaughter)
Steven Lloyd (great-grandson)
Murphey Myers (Ancestor)
Death: 1965 [1]
Portrayed By: George O'Hanlon, Jr.
First Appearance: Halloween

Mr. Myers was a minor character in the original Halloween.


Mr. Myers was the husband of Audrey Myers and the father of three children: Judith, Michael and Laurie. It was known around town that Mr. Myers was physically and possibily sexually abusive towards his children, espeically Judith.

On October 31, 1963 Mr. Myers and his wife went out that night and left their two younger children in Mrs. Blankenship's care. Once they returned home, they found Michael standing outside with a bloody knife and his clown mask on. Mr. Myers took off the mask and wondered what had happened. They soon discovered that Judith was dead and Michael was the muderer. The Myers had Michael sent to Smith's Grove Sanitarium.[2] Mr. Myers and his wife eventually died in 1965. [1]

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