Name: Mason Strode
Gender: Male
Location: Haddonfield, Illinois
Known Relatives: Cynthia Strode (Wife; decreased)
Laurie Strode (Adopted daughter; deceased (H2 Director's Cut))
Birth: 1956
Death: October 31, 2007
Portrayed By: Pat Skipper
First Appearance: Halloween

Mason Strode, appeared in Rob Zombie's remake of Halloween, played by Pat Skipper.


Mason Strode is the owner and operator of Strode Real Estate In 1990, The Strodes adopted a baby girl whom they named Laurie. They were unaware of her relation to the Myers family as she was dropped off at the hospital by Mason's friend Lee Brackett after Deborah Myers commited suicide. Lee did not want the baby to have the stigma of her family, so he ommited her from the records of what happened with the Myers family. Mason and his wife Cynthia raised Laurie in a normal life. On October 31, 2007, Mason is trying to sell the Myers house as no one has lived in it since Deborah died. He asks his daughter to drop off an envelope at the Myers house. This is when Michael discovers his sister and learns where the Strodes live.

Mason Strode Corpse

Mason Strode's Corpse

That night he tells his daughter to be careful before she leaves to babysit Tommy Doyal. Laurie is then picked up by Annie Brackett and Cynthia goes inside to talk about their upcoming vacation. While Mason is finishing his cigarette, Michael apporaches Mason and slits his throat with a butcher knife. Michael drags Mason's body in the house and kills Cynthia.

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