Marge Guttman
Name: Marge Guttman
Gender: Female
Location: San Francisco, California
Known Relatives: Son
Death: October 29th 1982
Portrayed By: Garn Stephens
First Appearance: Halloween III: Season of the Witch

Marge Guttman is a character who appears in Halloween III: Season of the Witch, played by Garn Stephens.


H3 23

Marge Guttman arrives in Santa Mira and none too pleased

Marge Guttman was a business oriented woman who owned a shop in San Francisco that sold the Silver Shamrock Masks. She was also the mother of a 4-year-old son. On October 29, 1982, Marge came to Santa Mira to visit with Conal Cochran about her mixed-up order. She hated going to the town as she felt it was a dump.

She briefly met Ellie Grimbridge and discussed her issues with the mask, mentioning how easily the trademark came off and telling her the location of her shop. Marge revealed that she gave up ordering by mail but still hated to deal with them in person. She left to her motel room and began reading a book before she went to bed. Just as she was turning off the lamp, she noticed that there was a chip inside the trademark she unknowingly dropped. She started to investigate the chip and tried to remove a piece with a bobby pin. In doing so, a laser shot out and blasted Marge in the face, killing her. Her body was show being wheeled out on a gurney with the guests being told that it was small accident that there was nothing to worry about. As her body was being taken away, one of the medical attendants was overheard speaking to Rafferty and Mr. Cochran of a misfire.

H3 31

Marge picks the chip off of the Silver Shamrock button and gets beamed


What is left of Marge's face after being hit by the trademark chip beam




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