Kyle Van Der Klok
Name: Kyle Van Der Klok
Gender: Male
Location: Haddonfield, Illinois
Known Relatives: Lynda Van Der Klok (daughter)
Portrayed By: Robert Curtis Brown
First Appearance: Halloween II
"Your monster butchered my baby!"
―Kyle Van Der Klok to Dr. Loomis[src]

Kyle Van Der Klok appeared in Rob Zombie's Halloween II , played by Robert Curtis Brown.


Kyle Van Der Klok was the father of Lynda Van Der Klok who lived with him. He treated Lynda like a princess and often let her get away with anything.[1] In 2009, two years after his daughter was brutally murdered by Michael Myers, Kyle went to a book store where Myers' former psychiatrist Doctor Sam Loomis was signing autographs of his new book. Angrily, he shoved a photograph of Lynda in Loomis' face, blaming him for his daughter's death. Loomis attempted to sympathize with the distraught man, but the incident quickly out out of hand as Kyle pulled a gun on Loomis with the intent of killing him. Security guards quickly apprehended and disarmed Kyle, pulling the man out of the store. It was later learned that the gun wasn't loaded.[2]

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