Name: Kathy Hodges
Known aliases: Kat
Gender: Female
Location: Haddonfield, Illinois
Known Relatives: Daniel Hodges (husband)
Birth: 1940's

Kathy 'Kat' Hodges nee Dryer is a character in the Halloween franchise.


Kathy Dryer was a Haddonfield High School student who was best friends with Judith Myers. She had a typical upbringing in Haddonfield but this all changed on October 31st 1963. On that night, Kathy was supposed to meet up with Judith after the latter's boyfriend Daniel Hodges left her house. When Kathy arrived, she was surpised to see police cars and an ambulance. It was then she learned the terrible truth, that her best friend was murdered.

After Judith's shocking murder, Kathy's life took a dark turn as she tried to make sense of what had happened and she began to question her faith in religion. It was only with the help of Danny and her friends that she was able to get out of this dark time in her life. Sometime later, she and Danny started to date and were eventually married.

When Judith's brother returned to Haddonfield and was later reported to have died, Kathy thought otherwise as she felt that he was still out there, waiting to strike again. [1]

Trivia Edit

Kathy Hodges nee Dryer does not appear in any of the original Halloween films or any of the novels. She only appears in a newspaper article on the Halloween Comics website in the "Features" section and in the "articles and memo" category located within the drop down list. [2]

References Edit

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