"Let me introduce myself, I'm Joe Grizzly bitch!"
―Joe Grizzly to Michael Myers[src]
Big Joe Grizzley
Name: Joe Grizzly
Known aliases: Big Joe Grizzly
Gender: Male
Birth: 1962
Death: October 30, 2007
Portrayed By: Ken Foree
First Appearance: Halloween

Joe Grizzly is a character in the remake of Halloween. He was played by Ken Foree.


Joe Grizzly corpse

Joe's corpse

Big Joe Grizzly was a truck driver who stopped at a rest stop/car wash near Haddonfield. He stopped to use the restroom, where he came across Michael Myers. At first, he told Michael to go away while he made use of the restroom. Michael, however, kept knocking on the door, which annoyed Grizzly, who got his knife out. He opened the door and threatened to cut off the mask on Michael's face. Myers burst into the restroom stall and fought with Grizzly who tried to stab Michael with a knife. Michael slammed him against the wall multiple times, took his knife and repeatedly stabbed him in the stomach until he died. Afterward, he stole Grizzly's clothes.