Jazleen Benny
Name: Jazlean Benny
Gender: Female
Location: Haddonfield, Illinois
Known Relatives: Sherman Benny (husband),
Floyd (father)
Death: October 29 2009
Portrayed By: Betsy Rue
First Appearance: Halloween II

Jazlean Benny appears in Halloween II, played by Betsy Rue.



Jazlean is stabbed to death

Jazleen Benny was a young woman living in Haddonfield, Illinois. She was the daughter of a man named Floyd and the wife of Sherman Benny. Jazlean, Sherman and Floyd ran into some trouble in 2009 when a vagrant began trespassing on their farmland, squatting inside one of their barns. They had run him off more than once, but after one such incident, the family decided that they had had enough. They found the vagrant outside the barn and Floyd and Sherman began beating them up. Jazlean was sickened by this and tried to stop them, but they persisted until they were satisfied that the man would not cause them any more trouble. Jazlean apologized to the vagrant and went back into the truck. What they had yet to realize was that the vagrant was actually wanted murderer Michael Myers. Michael fought back against the Bennys', brutally murdering them. Jazlean pleaded for her life, but nothing could stop Michael's rampage. He dragged her out of the family truck and stabbed her to death in the field.