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Name: Janet Kelsey Marshall
Gender: Female
Location: 1254 Piedmont Avenue, Haddonfield, Illinois[1]
Known Relatives: Robert Marshall (father)
Diana Marshall (mother)[1]
Birth: June 17 1956
Death: October 31, 1978 (Age 22) [1]
Portrayed By: Ana Alicia
First Appearance: Halloween II

Janet Kelsey Marshall (June 17, 1956 - October 31, 1978) is a character that appears in Halloween II played by Ana Alicia.


Janet Marshall's Death

Janet´s Death

Janet Marshall was born on June 17th 1956 to Robert Marshall and Diana Marshall in Haddonfield. She was a student at Haddonfield University and a nurse at Haddonfield Memorial Hospital. She was working the night that Laurie Strode was admitted following a string of deaths wrought by her psychotic brother, Michael Myers. When Michael cut the telephone lines running to the hospital, Janet assisted a security guard named Bernard Garrett in a failed effort to repair them. Janet was later sent to find Frederick Mixter when Laurie demonstrated an adverse reaction to her medication. She found Mixter in his office with a syringe sticking out of his eye. Moments later, Michael Myers appeared from the shadows behind her with another syringe, which he used to inject air into her temple, killing her.[2]

Janet was buried at Mt. Sinclair cemetery on November 4th 1978.[1]

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  • Janet's 's social security number was 218-11-5046.[1]
  • Janet's corpse was attended by Roland Baker from 4:00 PM on November 1st, 1978 to 9:35 PM on the same day.[1]

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