Ismael Cruz
Name: Ismael Cruz
Gender: Male
Birth: 1950
Death: October 30, 2007
Portrayed By: Danny Trejo
First Appearance: Halloween
"I was good to you Mikey... I was good to you Mikey..."
―Ismael Cruz's last words.[src]

Ismael Cruz is a character in the remake of Halloween. He was played by Danny Trejo.


Ismael Cruz death

Moments before Ismael's death

Ismael Cruz was a floor warden and senior prison guard at the Smith's Grove Sanitarium in Warren County. He befriended ten-year-old Michael Myers and tried to cheer him up whenever possible. Apparently having served time, he advised Michael to not let the "walls" bring him down and try to learn to live inside his head. Ismeal became very close to Michael and later, his mother Deborah, after he chased away reporter Taylor Madison who was trying to get an interview with "Satan's Mother". Ismael continued to work Michael's cell block for the best part of two decades. Three months before his retirement, Ismael trained a junior guard, Noel Kluggs, and introduced him to Michael. That same day, Myers broke out and killed several of the hospital staff members. Ismael came upon the scene of Michael's bloodbath and tried to usher him back to his room. Michael killed Ismael, first by partially drowning him in a sink full of water, then by crushing his head with a television set.[1]

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