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Halloween Returns is an upcoming recalibration to the Halloween series, the writers are Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan, and the director is unknown at this time.

Plot Edit

Plot details are not yet confirmed, but it is believed that Halloween Returns will be a direct followup to the 1981 sequel Halloween 2, this time focusing on the 18-Year-old child of one of Michael's past victims, and the kid of former deputy Gary Hunt (originally played by Hunter Von Leer), who is still obsessed with the Myers case.

Cast  Edit

  • Scout Taylor-Compton as Laurie Strode (Rumored)
  • Tyler Mane as Michael Myers (Rumored)

Production Edit

The Weinstein Company put Halloween 3D into production shortly after the release of Rob Zombie’s Halloween II. Rob Zombie already had stated he would not return for a third film, and The Weinstein Company approached Steve Miner about directing the film in response to his work on the 1982 film Friday the 13th Part III, also in 3D. The Weinstein Company approached Patrick Lussier (who directed the remake of My Bloody Valentine, also a 3D film), who was officially signed on as director with his partner Todd Farmer writing the script. Lussier and Farmer contacted Scout Taylor-Compton about the production of the film and how they would be filming soon despite not even having a script yet, to which Compton declined because she felt they were rushing it and that she would only return if she was impressed by the script.

On September 25, 2009, Todd Farmer turned in the first draft of the script. Four days later on September 29, 2009, production was shut down because the Weinsteins ran out of money. Filming was supposed to begin around the time Lussier and Farmer were filming Drive Angry. The production hault would give the Weinsteins a chance to take their time on production and give Lussier and Farmer time to wrap up Drive Angry, with production on Halloween 3D resuming after the completion of Drive Angry.

On April 6, 2010, Lussier revealed in an MTV interview that the fate of the film depends on Dimension Films and timing.

On June 21, 2011, it was confirmed that Halloween 3D was targeting a release on October 26, 2012, however, with no director or writer attached to the project. On March 7, 2012, the film was dropped from the release schedule as no progress on its production was made. Lussier said, "The script that we wrote I thought was good. We wanted to go back to Carpenter's roots on the original film."

On May 2, 2014, it was confirmed that Halloween 3 is moving forward, as stated:  "As we stated before, we are dedicated to the fans of the Halloween series just as much as we are dedicated to delivering a film that we believe the fans deserve and will, most importantly, love. With that being said, we can confirm that a new installment of Halloween is indeed in on track and moving forward. We are currently developing a script, to finally bring Michael back to the theaters"

As usual, talk and speculation of Halloween 3 has been on form in 2014, with several sources saying different things. But it looks like the movie could be making some headway into production...

During a very special screening of John Carpenter's Halloween at Universal City Walk in Orlando (, there was a post-showing conference with Halloween Horror Nights creative director Mike Aiello and current producer Malek Akkad who discussed the Halloween-Themed maze that was featured at the theme park. But once that was over, Akkad gave an update on Halloween 3.

'Saw' iv-final chapter writers, Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan have written the script, with Marcus Dunstan set to direct. The writers say the new Halloween will be a recalibration. The Director of the film is Marcus Dunstan.

According to industry resource Backstage, Halloween Returns will be filmed in Louisiana, with production start to set on July 15, exactly one month after the highly anticipated sequel was announced.

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