Halloween: The Night Evil Died
Halloween the night evil died
Directed by Kohl V. Bladen
Jeffrey J. Moore
Produced by Kohl V. Bladen
Jeffrey J. Moore
Written by Kohl V. Bladen
Jeffrey J. Moore

Emily Lanelle

Music by
Editing by
Distributed by Vaughn-Michael Pictures
Final Stop Media
Devil Dream Productions
Release 2017
Running time
Country United States
Language English
Budget 75,000 (estimated)
Preceded by
Followed by

Halloween: The Night Evil Died is a Halloween fan film, directed by Kohl V. Bladen and Jeffrey J. Moore.


It was a warm summer and Emma Tate was taking some of her friends over to Haddonfield to see her great grandmother Pamela Strode, but they soon find themselves in Emma's great uncle Michael Myers' path of destruction, and Michael came back to put the Myers and Strode family names to rest - finally ending the bloodline after many years of defeat and rage.


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