Halloween: The Mark of Thorn
Halloween The Mark of Thorn
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Halloween: The Mark of Thorn is an upcoming comic of the Halloween series. It takes place in the H20 Timeline, although it does feature elements of the 4-6 Timeline. It was to be released after Halloween: The First Death of Laurie Strode series was finished, however the 3rd Issue has yet to be released so it is unknown what the status of this series is.


What is known about this series is that it focuses on Tommy Doyle, who is persuaded by his editor to write a fictionalized version of the events that happened to him - a story that will attempt to make sense of the madness that happened when serial killer Michael Myers butchered his way through the small town of Haddonfield all those years ago.

As Tommy's story begins, he starts to bring to life monsters from the past and secrets that should have remained buried - the worlds of fact and fiction blur, leading to an inevitable confrontation with his biggest fear of all, Michael Myers!"


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