Halloween: The Death of Michael Myers is a fan-made sequel to the 1995 film Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, picking up exactly where that movie left off. Doctor Sam Loomis thinks he finally has a way of destroying Michael Myers once and for all. But Tommy Doyle has different plans. The film was uploaded to YouTube in early 2006.


Beginning of the endEdit

The film begins with the ending of Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers on October 31, 1995, with Tommy, Danny, Steven and Kara asking Loomis to come along with them but he tells them he has to take care of some things first and the group drive off.

Inside the building, on the lab's concrete floor, Michael's mask and the hypodermic needle are seen as Loomis shoots the unmasked Michael in the face. Kara and Tommy who arrived back still with Steven but have gotten Danny away to a safe place hear the shot and Tommy runs inside and finds Loomis. Loomis explains to Tommy that he had to stay because he knew that Michael was not dead. They inject Michael with a tranquilizer allowing him to be captured by the police. They drive to Haddonfield, Illinois where Loomis house is, where Tommy finds and reads a book about Michael Myers, Loomis tells Tommy that he is not going to be around much longer and is writing the book becasue the world is never going to forget about Michael and his murders. They also talk about the Curse of Thorn and that Michael can only die if all his family members are dead and why Haddonfield still says that Michael Myers is dead. when Tommy leaves when he hears Steven crying, Loomis asks Kara if the baby was born to Jamie; when Kara confirms it, he thinks he finally has a way of killing Michael Myers.


On April 9, 1996, the Warren County Court have Steven live with foster parents while they have Danny go to the Daycare centre untill foster parents also take care of him and still say to Loomis and the others that Michael is dead.

Outside, wihle Kara grives for losing her whole family, Loomis explains to Tommy that Haddonfield still says that Myers is dead because no one knows where he is but Loomis says that when Michael will return, it will be his last time.

Months later, on October 30, Michael who is being held at the Ridgemount County Sanitarium escapes his cell, takes his mask, steals a car and drives towards Haddonfield.


Tommy and Kara meet Loomis at a church and he explains to them that he feels Michael has arrived back in Haddonfield, after they leave, Loomis finds the car that Michael took and unknown to him a dead girl nearby. Tommy and Kara go to warn the Police but at the last moment, since Haddonfield says that Michael is dead so they decide to find where steve is and get him out of Haddonfield. after being refused access to the baby or any information to his whereabouts, Tommy politely thanks the stubborn attendant they meet and drive back to the house to get some things. they find a note left by their female roommates Kim and Wendy who have gone to a Halloween party but who arrive seconds later. after Tommy and Kara leave, Michael breaks in and kills both Kim and Wendy and starts to search where Steve could be also killing another victim. Tommy and Kara drive to the house where steve is, while on the way there Tommy explains to Kara why he obsessed with Michael Myers.

The Death of Michael MyersEdit

"Where is he? Is he dead?"

Kara Strode

They arrive at the house only to find that the foster parents have been killed and steve missing, Tommy then finds out that Loomis had got to the baby first but just when they about to go, Michael attacks Tommy who shoots him down but Michael gets up, after hitting Michael with the car and carrying him at high-speed down the roadway and then running over one last time, they rush over to Loomis’ home. He’s got the baby safe and sound. Then he unexpectedly bashes Tommy in the back of the head knocking him unconscious, He holds Kara at gun point and drives both the baby, Kara herself and the unconscious Tommy to the place where it all began, the Myer’s house.

Loomis says that he stills remember meeting the young Michael back in 1978 and the blackest eyes. as this happens, Tommy wakes up and gets out of the car taking the baby with him when he runs into Michael who kills Tommy by stabbing him once in the neck. Kara takes steve inside the house and leaves him where he is allowing Michael to stab Steve and kill him, destroying the last of his bloodline. Kara gets out escorted by Loomis who gets a can of fuel out the car to light the house on fire, Loomis lights a lighter and the house starts to go up in flames. Michael still inside the house is set on fire and the house blows up with Michael inside finally killing him, some ash lands on the back of Loomis’ neck but it bounces off and he drives away with Kara as the sounds of sirens are heard in the background.

"Michael Myers was never a man."

Doctor Samuel Loomis

Half a year later on May 1 1997, Loomis visits Michael's grave as a man with a shovel who read Loomis book and is unware that the man he talking too is Loomis says that he amazed that Loomis was able to do with such a man. Before walking away, Loomis looks at him for a few seconds before saying... "Michael Myers was never a man."


  • Andrew Samitz as Doctor Samuel Loomis
  • Bob Doyle as Tommy Doyle
  • Anne Riley as Kara Strode
  • Alan Pilon as Michael Myers

External LinksEdit

The film can be seen here:

Part 1

Part 2

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