2007 Remake Timeline

Haddonfield High School Remake
Name: Haddonfield High School
Country: USA
State: Illinois
First Appearance: Halloween

Haddonfield High School is located in Haddonfield, Illinois.


Haddonfield High School is a two-story building that is located in the small town of Haddonfield. On November 1st, 1990, the school would learn that two of their students, Steven Haley and Judith Myers, were found murdered the night before. The murderer was discovered to be Judith's younger brother, Michael.

Seventeen years later, there were more murders of several students. They were cheerleader Lynda Van Der Klok, her boyfriend Robert Simms, and Paul Freedman. All three were murdered by Michael who was in search of his younger sister Laurie Strode. The sheriff's daughter Annie Brackett was wounded in Michael's rampage but survived.

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