Haddonfield High School H20
Name: Haddonfield Elementary School
Country: USA
State: Illinois
First Appearance: Halloween

Haddonfield Elementary School is located in Haddonfield, Illinois.


On October 31st, 1978, Thomas Doyle was walking home from school with his pumpkin when Lonnie Elamb, Richie, and Keith started to bully him and made him trip over his pumpkin, smashing it. All three boys ran off in different directions and Richie ran right into a masked man. This man was escaped mental patient, Michael Myers. The boy was too scared for words and ran off. Myers watched Tommy walk home from school as he had seen the boy earlier that day with Laurie Strode, his main target.

Later that night, Myers broke into the school and possibly murdered someone as the police and Doctor Loomis discovered blood on one of the desk and the word "Samhain" written in blood on the chalkboard. Myers had also stabbed a knife onto the sister in a family drawing.

Eleven years later, Myers would once again return to the school to cause more trouble. Myers entered the school sometime after school was over and watched as children left to go home. He then entered a classroom where he found a young teacher grading her students' papers. He covered her mouth as she tried to scream for help as Doctor Loomis and his nurse Marion Whittington were outside but they did not see her. Michael forced her to the ground and stabbed her in the chest. Myers then had her face contorted into a twisted smile with barbed wire. He placed the corpse on the swing set for all to see the next day.

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