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Haddonfield 2009
Name: Haddonfield
Country: USA
State: Illinois
Residents: Michael Myers, Strode family, Myers family,Brackett family, Doyle family, etc
First Appearance: Halloween

Haddonfield is located in the state of Illinois. Haddonfield is located 150 miles from Smith's Grove Sanitarium. The town gained media attention on October 31st, 1990, a ten year old boy named Michael Myers murdered four people: Wesley Rhoades, Ronnie White, Steve Haley, and Michael's older sister Judith. The boy was sent to Smith's Grove Sanitarium.

Haddonfield october 2007

Suburban Haddonfield on October 31st 2007

15 years later on October 31st, 2007, Michael returned to Haddonfield in search of his baby sister Angel Myers who was now known as Laurie Strode. He murdered seven citizens in his search for her but once he did finally catch her, his doctor Samuel Loomis arrived in time to aid her in stopping Michael. Michael was shot in the face by his sister but still survived. Michael was supposed to be taken away by the coroners but a car crash killed one of the men and Michael awoke, escaped and killed the passenger.

On October 31st, 2008, Michael decided to once again to find his sister, fourteen people were murdered in his search for her, including the sheriff's daughter Annie Brackett and Samuel Loomis. Once Michael had caught his sister, he was once again stopped. Whether Michael Myers is truly dead or not, remains to be seen. As for Laurie, she had been sent to a mental asylum.

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  • Haddonfield is named for Haddonfield, New Jersey, birth place of Halloween 1978 producer and screenwriter Debra Hill.