Haddonfield 1978
Name: Haddonfield
Country: USA
State: Illinois
Locale: Livingston County
Residents: Michael Myers, Strode family, Myers family,Brackett family, Doyle family, etc
First Appearance: Halloween

Haddonfield, Illinois is a town located in Livingston County and is the main setting of the Halloween franchise.

The town today is a thriving community with a historical downtown area that offers residents tons of specialty shops, while large Victorian homes dot the rest of the area. Farms cover the outskirts of town. Haddonfield is located 150 miles from Smith's Grove Sanitarium.

Over the years, the town has become synonymous with the infamous masked serial killer Michael Myers who has continuously stalked and killed people in the town for 40 years. Celebrating Halloween was banned in Haddonfield in 1989 due to the murders.

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  • Haddonfield is named for Haddonfield, New Jersey, birth place of Halloween producer and screenwriter Debra Hill.
  • Haddonfield also appears in an online-multiplayer game called Dead by Daylight, a game where Michael Myers himself and Laurie Strode are both playable characters.