The H6 mask

This article is about the mask used in Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers.


Halloween 6 does not show any scenes of Michael Myers obtaining his mask. Some believe some followers of Thorn may have specially designed this mask for him, but it is more likely he stole it from another store.

During production, improper storage destroyed the Halloween 6 masks, leaving only two remaining.


The Halloween 6 mask received a much better reaction than previous ones, with many praising how similar it looked to the original mask, although the hair was seen by some as "too messy" and some felt the ears were too large. Others disliked the texture or color of the mask, however almost all recognized it as an improvement over the previous masks. 

Affordable mass-produced replicas of this mask have been produced by Trick or Treat Studios.

Halloween H20 Edit

Halloween 6's mask would be one of five tested for the following sequel, Halloween H20. Director Steve Miner had initially picked the mask for the film (dubbed the KNB mask), which received scathing reviews during test screenings. This prompted Miner to change the mask in the middle of principal photography. Halloween 6's mask was recreated for the film and would be used for Michael Myers' first scene in the finished film. However, edits would have to be made to the scene to try and hide the mask as best as possible, as this mask would also be replaced by the final 'hero mask' for the film. However, the mask can still be noticed in small glimpses during the scene.


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