Main H20 mask

This is an article on the masks used in Halloween H20, the only film to have more than one "hero mask".


Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later had at least four to five Michael Myers masks made for production. This is unique for the Halloween films because every other film had one primary mask design. This has led to criticism of Halloween H20, particularly towards the CGI mask that was briefly used.

Four to five different masks are seen. The original mask that director Steve Miner had intended for H20 is also known as The KNB Mask.

Affordable mass-produced replicas of this film's hero mask have been produced by Trick or Treat Studios.


Initial reception for Halloween H20's mask was negative. The brunt of this reaction has been towards the constant changing of the mask, which is evident throughout the film as four (or more) different masks are seen. The 'hero mask' has garnered a better response years later for its attempt to replicate the original, but continues to receive criticism for certain cosmetic differences between the two. The H20 hero mask features bigger eyes holes, messier hair, and a tighter look as Myers' eyes are visible throughout the film.