Fred King
Name: Fred King
Known aliases: Deputy King
Gender: Male
Location: Haddonfield, Illinois
Portrayed By: Mark Christopher Lawrence
First Appearance: Halloween II

Fred King appears in Halloween II, played by Mark Christopher Lawrence.


Fred King was a deputy for the Haddonfield police department. He responded to a 911 call that brought him to the home of his boss, Sheriff Lee Brackett. King, as well as the other attending officers, were horrified to discover that Brackett's daughter Annie had been brutally murdered by Michael Myers. When Brackett arrived on the scene, Fred tried to keep him outside of the house, hoping to spare him from seeing the grisliness of the murder. Fred was later part of a detachment that contained Myers inside a cabin off Eagle Road. Armed with a rifle, King was one of several men to bring Myers down in a hail of bullets.

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