Enda was a Celtic teenager from the novelization of the first movie.

Biography Edit

Enda was a fifteen year old Celtic teenager who lived in North Ireland during the dawn of the Celtic age presumably in the year 500 BC. He was deformed as he had a twitching mouth and shriveled arm, which was the result of the midwives botching his birth. As a result he was treated unkindly by his father, brother and uncle and was the subject of laughter in his village.

At some unknown point he fell in love with the princess Deirdre, when he heard that her father King Gwynwyll was offering her hand in marriage Enda asked the king if he could be the one to marry her, however King Gwynwyll cruelly laughed at the mere idea as did his father, brother and uncle who said that Deirdre would rather marry their goat or his uncles goat, instead Deirdre was betrothed to a young warrior named Cullain.

Not giving up hope, Enda believed that if he could get to Deirdre then she would like to marry him. However when Enda went to meet her at the river as she collect water, she misunderstood his motives became frightened and almost fell in. Enda then tried to rescue her but Deirdre believed that he was trying to rape her and fled accusing him of trying to do so.

Enda was so heartbroken by the humiliation and the accusation that he was driven to madness, later on Samhain he viciously attacked Deirdre and Cullain and brutally murdered them. However Enda himself was attacked and torn apart by the vengeful tribe in retribution for his crime leaving only his head and heart, the next day he was buried and the King had his shaman curse his soul to wander the Earth until the end of time repeating his brutal crime.

Several centuries later on Halloween 1963 Michael Myers was possessed by his ghost and ended up murdered both Judith and Danny.

Personality Edit

Enda has a very complex personality due to his deformity. He was often subjected to laughter and revulsion by members of his tribe including his own father, brother and uncle which caused him great sadness. However he did have a kinder side as he was passionately in love with Deirdre as he tried to ask her to marry him.

Sadly however when he went to ask Deirdre to marry she misunderstood his motives and placed he wanted to rape her, severely humiliating him. Deirdre's humiliation and accusation of him left him so distraught and heartbroken that any kindness and love he had was replaced both hate and vengeance, most of which was reserved for Deirdre whom he later murdered.

Due to the nature and reason for his actions, Enda can be considered a sympathetic character due to be subject to unkind treatment and the rejection by the girl that he loved so much.