Name: Emma Tate
Gender: Female
Known Relatives: John Tate (father)
unnamed (mother)
Laurie Strode (grandmother)
Mr. Tate (grandfather) Donald "Don" Myers (biological great grandfather)
Edith Myers (biological great grandmother)
Judith Myers (biological great aunt)
Michael Myers (biological great uncle)
Morgan Strode (adoptive great grandfather)
Pamela Strode (adoptive great grandmother)
4 - 6 timeline
Jamie Lloyd (aunt)
Steven Lloyd (cousin)
John Strode (adoptive great uncle)
Debra Strode (adoptive great aunt)
Kara Strode (adoptive great cousin)
Tim Strode (adoptive great cousin)
Danny Strode (adoptive great second cousin)
Birth: TBA
Portrayed By: Emily Lanelle
First Appearance: Halloween: The Night Evil Died

Emma Tate is John Tate's daughter and Laurie Strode's granddaughter, who appears in the fan film Halloween: The Night Evil Died.

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