Dr. Hoffman
Name: E. W. Hoffman
Known aliases: Doctor Hoffman
Gender: Male
Portrayed By: Michael Pataki
First Appearance: Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers

E. W. Hoffman is a character in Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers played by Michael Pataki


Doctor E. W. Hoffman was transfering Michael Myers and had Attendant J. Black sign some papers for them to get approved. He told Black that he hoped that Michael would never wake up and would die out. The next day he was filling out Myers' report when Sam Loomis stormed in and asked why he wasn't notified about Myers being transfered. He told Loomis that Myers was a federal patient and prisoner and thus was subject to federal law. Loomis told him that Myers was more then evil. He also told him that Myers caused lots of pain to people ten years ago. Hoffman told Loomis that he is the one that needs mental help and then recieved a telephone call about Michael Myers and an accident that involved him. Loomis then left the office as quickly as he could. Hoffman followed Loomis to the accident site and the police told them of the status. Hoffman believed that everyone was dead but Loomis knew otherwise and checked. Hoffman told Loomis to give the troopers a chance to check things out, but Loomis told him that Michael was not there and that he wasn't going to be killed that easily. Loomis then left for Haddonfield.

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