Dave McRae (born May 24, 1979) is a two-time Voice Arts Award nominated professional voice over artist and independent filmmaker based out of Toronto Canada.


Dave McRae is probably best known to the online Halloween community for his Halloween fan films. McRae takes on every aspect of the production process. He writes, produces, directs, stars in, shoots, edits, and sound designs all of his films. McRae's first short fan film entitled Halloween Lurking was one of the first of its kind online. Released in the summer of 2009, the short 5 minute experiment was to showcase to aspiring filmmakers and fans of the Halloween films what simple lighting, camera angles, and editing can do to help achieve a similar overall mood and atmosphere as the original Halloween. The purpose was to use everything at McRae's immediate disposal, cutting costs down to virtually nothing.

Since then, McRae has released (as of 2017) 6 more Halloween fan films. Halloween Fall Stalking (2009) Halloween Black Eyes (2010), Halloween Autumn Blood (2010), Halloween Red Harvest (2013), The Shape (2015), and Halloween: The Night HE Came Back (2016). Halloween Fall Stalking - The Shape applied the same disciplines as Halloween Lurking, keeping things simple, and using similar techniques and tricks to showcase what can be achieved on a micro budget.

However, Halloween: The Night HE Came Back was a much larger production and McRae's longest Halloween fan film coming in at 45 minutes. It is an unofficial sequel to Halloween 2 (1981). Halloween: The Night HE Came Back differs from McRae's previous 6 experimental films in that its budget and production value were substantially higher. The film was also the first Halloween fan film to have been shot on location in Pasadena California, using some of the same filming locations from the original Halloween. An important detail that resonates throughout all of McRae's fan films is not only his Nick Castle like portrayal of Michael Myers, but the important detail of always keeping the mask of Michael Myers in shadow, in dimly lit light, and in darkness.

As of of 2017, collectively, McRae's fan films have been viewed over 7 hundred thousand times. The online horror publication IHorror has called him the John Carpenter of Halloween fan films.


Dave McRae is a full time professional voice over artist, and two-time Voice Arts Award Nominee for Outstanding National Television Promo, Best Voice Over, for his work with the Canadian network Travel and Escape (T&E).

Dave’s voice is one of the most sought after and respected voices in Canada and across North America. His voice has been heard on thousands of Radio and Television Commercials, Network Promos, Movie and Game Trailers, Corporate Presentation and Training Videos, IVR's, Narration, Animation and more.

He works from his professional home studio in Toronto Canada and delivers voice overs all over the world.

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