Name: Darren
Gender: Male
Location: Haddonfield, Illinois
Birth: 1990 (approx) [1]
Portrayed By: Sean Marquette
First Appearance: Halloween II Deleted Scenes

Darren was a character in the remake of Halloween II played by Sean Marquette. Darren only appeared in the deleted scenes.


Darren was born on 1990 in Haddonfield, Illinois. When he started school, he made friends with a young girl named Annie Brackett. They were friends thoughout elementary school but their friendship faded as they got older as he grew in intrest in comicbooks and the like, while Annie started to enjoy more typical teenage girl activities. [2].

On October 31 2009, Annie's father and town sheriff Lee Brackett had Darren and asked him to checkup on his daughter. His stay was brief as he and Annie didn't have anything in common to talk about and she was clearly annoyed having him over. [3]

Appearances Edit

References Edit

  1. Date approximated based upon the relative age of the character, who was in the same class as Annie Brackett. A deleted scene titled "Tex Ritter" from Halloween II establishes that the character of Mya Rockwell (who appears to be the same age as Annie and Darren), was born in 1990.
  2. Halloween II (2009) deleted scene: Darren.
  3. Halloween II (2009) deleted scenes:Darren and Comic Book Convention.

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