The Coveralls are what Michael Myers wears as his outfit after getting rid of his hospital robes. He steals them from a mechanic.


The coveralls Michael originally wore, contrary to popular belief, are not blue. The film used a great deal of blue lighting, so many audiences thought that Michael was wearing blue coveralls. However, if you look at the scene where Michael runs into Tommy's tormentors, you will notice that the coveralls take on more of a green color. The coveralls for the original two films were purchased for around $20 at JC Penny, along with Jamie Lee Curtis' wardrobe. The exact nature of the boilersuit that was used is under debate by many fans, but most likely the color and brand was Spruce Green Big Macs. The coveralls look different colors due to the lighting, and sometimes they look more of an olivewood color, or even charcoal. In Halloween II, the coveralls were also of a green-based color.

As the sequels went by, they became a dark blue. In Halloween: H20, the coveralls used were charcoal colored Red Kap CT10 Men's Twill Action Backs. Halloween: Resurrection also used charcoal colored Red Kap coveralls.


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